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About me

Greetings - in real life, I'm known as Tom Emerson, but "Starman" has been both an on-line and real-world "handle" for quite some time for me. (though lately I've added "9x" to it because "Starman" seems to be a popular on-line nickname...)

I live in the small town of La Crescenta, which is essentially straight north of Glendale, California (technically, it is part of Glendale, as opposed to unincorporated areas of Los Angeles)

About my work here

Well, for right now it is to learn what all the fuss is about - I have been a proponent of anything "open source" for some time now (having been the moderator of a Linux user group for a few years, it is somewhat expected of me to support this position -- for those that care, the group is SGVLUG) I've gotten my feet wet by filling in the details surrounding a local theater and surrounding restaurants. I'll likely return to it a few times to further "beautify" it, and then when comfortable with the whole process, expand my work to include all the local eateries, bars, and local businesses