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Help Me Make Your Map Better

Making openstreetmap better in your area is really easy, just print out a map, write on it and send it in. Print multiple pieces if you want, one to write all the house numbers you can, one for points of interest, one for mistakes and so on...

  • Go here
  • Type the name of your town, and/or zoom and pan until you are quite far in and can see streets near your office or home or area of interest
  • Click 'make' to print it out
  • Walk around the area and write the mistakes on the paper, write as many house numbers as you can, pubs, whatever you like.
  • Scan it in and email to me, or post it to me, Steve, at the US or UK office of CloudMade -
  • I will make sure your changes get put on the map

Problems? Suggestions?

  • If you have any problems, get in touch by clicking this: User:Steve

Honor roll

  • will list examples and people here who did it

For OSMers

You can too. Get your friends, family... even enemies involved. Tweet or facebook status update about this to catch your friends, ask them to send you the paper yourself maybe not me.

This is a great way to get lots more people involved, and spread your mapping efforts. For bonus points, next time you see your Aunt Ethel print it out for her, or get all your workmates to fix their home areas. Buy a pint for the person with the best map updates.