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I decided to contribute to OSM in February, 2009.


  • Garmin eTrex H


  • EasyGPS
  • gpsbabel
  • JOSM

Currently tracking:

At home:

  • Villages around Bad Hersfeld (especially roads, tracks, waterways, amenities)


Already done:

  • Village Lautenhausen (completed)
  • Village Heimboldshausen (all features nearly completed)
  • Villages Hillartshausen, Unterneurode (only a few roads are missing)
  • Stream network "Staerkelsbach" (except for some springs)
  • Tertiary roads

In Progress:

  • Power lines / power stations
  • Stream / river networks including drains and springs
  • Tracks
  • Landuse (except for forest)
  • A few villages are not mapped yet

At work:

  • Parcel pickup (8 done, 16 remaining) / post boxes / bus stops / traffic information in Mainz