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This user has been created to add official german street keys (DE:Straßenschlüssel) to the ways in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in the north eastern part of Germany: M-V Strassenschlüssel Import

The user will be used by a PHP script to query data and create changessets over the osm api. The script uses information from a PostGIS databases to update ways in osm. The database has been used to analyse the relations between osm ways and the ways with the official german street keys. The analyses not only add streetkeys (first step1) to existing osm ways but also splited ways of to match the geometry of the officiall streets (if nessesary, step2). The splitting and assignment of streetkeys was not an automated process. Only the relations has been calculated with PostGIS functions. The tasks to splitt of the ways and assign the keys was suppervised and done by humans. Each single assignment of a way has been checked manually. So the assignment of theses german street keys has been done by real osm users, but the update has been done by a PHP script.

To store the downloaded osm data in the update process a simple database schema has been used. The database includes only tables for nodes, ways, tags, relations and the relations between nodes and ways as well as between relations and its member. We call the database schema waychange. Feel free to contact me about the project and using the database schema added in Databases and data access APIs