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GPSBabel Plugin For JOSM :

The Cause :

The main idea behind the plugin can be found here .


The Effort :

The idea was to import data from gps devices and files and put it directly in JOSM . So that the step

gpsbabel command line --- > store the files ---> retrieve the files --- > open in JOSM as a layer

can be merged into a single step thus contributing to an improved GPX workflow .

The Plugin :

The way for using the plugin is as below : -

select " GPSBabel Import" from the tools section in JOSM Menu .

Once the window is opened ,

1 .Select either of tracks , waypoints or routes from the check boxes .

2. Select the Input Format .( Generally depends on the device used or the file extentions of gps files )

3. Choose from FileChooser if you want to select a already stored file or write the port name in the Port Field and press enter .

4 . Press execute . If every thing entered is all right , A gpxlayer will be displayed .

Here are the GPSBabel PLugin for JOSM : jar file :

The Source code will be available soon .

CAUTION : This plugin currently works only in LINUX machines . Please dont use it in windows and mac osx for the time being .

DirectUpload Plugin in JOSM :

The Cause :

This is actually the main skeleton of the proposal. The gps file retrieved from the GPS device need to OSM protocol compliant before it can be upload to the OSM server.

- retrieving gps files from the devices, - making it OSM Protocol compliant - Ability to save the file for future edits. - Uploading to main OSM Server.

In most cases first we have to upload the trace to OSM server and then download it to edit .

The Effort :

Rather than using a number of tools at a time, JOSM can now, with this plugin upload traces to directly.

So Retrieving a file from GPS Device ----> Upload it to OSM Server ---> Download it ----> Edit it again in JOSM

is now

Retrieve File from GPS Device ---> Upload or Edit in JOSM.

thus contributing to an improved GPX workflow.

The Plugin :

In order to Use the plugin :

1 . Select "Upload Traces " from the "GPS" menu in JOSM . Once selected a window will open up .

2 . Provide " Description " press Enter .

3 Provide " Tags " press Enter .

4. Select/Deselect "Public" CheckBox in order to make Traces public or private .

5 . Once successfully uploaded the Text area will display a "OK" status .

Here the jar file is available : jar File :

Note : If you have multiple gpx layers in the layer list then the gpx layer which is currently selected in the layer list will be uploaded (it doesn't matter which one is the active layer).

Caution : This Plugin currently does not work on Mac OSx but works both on Windows and Linux. (Is anyone able to verify this?)
Bugs : If you find any problems please report them at

Frequently Asked Question

GPSBabel plugin :

1 . No valid input type specified.

--> Please select a valid input type from "GPS Format" menu . If your GPS Format is not listed there .Please submit a comment in my blog here: .

2 . Nothing to do! Use 'gpsbabel -h' for command-line options.

--> Please select or provide values for gpsbabel to work .

3 . JOSM crashes when i try to use GPSBabel Plugin in Windows .

--> GPSBabel plugin still has no support in windows . However there will be one soon .

Directupload plugin :

1 . I get a error while uploading .

--> Please see standard error while uploading here:. Use Josm-custom.jar file available here: .

    Standard Josm-latest.jar will return a 500 Internal Server Error.

From Josm v1042 the above error is no longer valid ,and does not return a 500 Internal Server Error.

2 . I get a error like this " Theres always a coding error.If you are running the latest version of JOSM .please consider being kind and file a bug report "

---> Please make sure not to keep Description and Tags field null .

3. "No GpxLayer selected.Cannot upload a trace."

--> Please create a gpxlayer by either using "GPSBabel Plugin " to import data from devices and files ,Or open a valid OSM file using Open option in file menu.

To Do List

  1. GPSBabel Plugin lacks the total power of GPSBabel, so those filters are to be implemented.
  2. DirectUpload Plugin has to be api 0.6 ready.
  3. Taking osm-server.version into account, to be used in test servers also.
  4. Both fails to compile on mac osX , so change of showgrouplayout to gridbag layout is needed.
  5. Making GPSBabel work on Windows.
  6. Make the text area bigger so one has not to scroll vertically and horizontally. On a 1280x1024 screen the text window is atm 2/3 of the size of a 3,5"-floppy and not resizeable. (Using LXDE 2.6.28-7 Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.6.0_12-b04))