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My name is Øyvind A. Holm and I live in Bergen, Norway, at N 60.374252° E 5.34722°, to be specific. I'm quite passionate about Open Source and Linux, freedom of speech, music and science. Photo enthusiast, musician now and then, atheist and some kind of anarchist. Most of the places on the Net I hang around are listed on my Google profile.

I am a real GPS enthusiast. Bought my first GPS in 2002 (Garmin GPSmap 76S) and have been a faithful Garmin user since then. I'm now at my third unit (Garmin GPSmap 60CSx) if you don't count mobile phones. A great unit, the only problem is the power button that has a tendency to be worn out after some years of use. That's the only reason I had to buy a new unit in October 2009 after three years and eight months of daily use. Read lots of info about the new Garmin models, but I'm so satisfied with the 60CSx that I bought another one of those. Never change a winning team.

I have created some programs that I use to keep track of my tracklogs and waypoints. They're written mostly in Perl and use the Postgres database. Tested with Linux only. Address: