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Hi, I'm ben and I'm doing some tagging here and there. You can find some hints and tips to working with osm files and putting maps on a Garmin 60CSx on my personal homepage (german language). My contributions are marked as schuben on the osmarender Zoom 17 layer.


  • Karlsruhe-Rintheim (osm)

Adding Detail to the map that is allready very good in this Place

  • Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe (osm) (Research Centre Karlsruhe)

A little bit is started there by various persons and it will continue.

  • Ahlen-Vorhelm (osm)

The residential areas of Vorhelm are in pretty good shape now. There ist still a lot of unclassified streets that need further attention. The "Grafenwald" with all its hike and cycle trails needs close attention as well as the landuse isue.