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I'm living in Berlin (Germany).

For mapping i use yahoo satellite images, but i also have a TomTom One V3, and i'm searching for tracking tools for TomTom. In Berlin the streets are already well mapped, so i think i will begin mapping with tomtom only when i'm in east europe again.


Mapped some missing streets near my home.


I traveled to Chernivtsi/Чернівці (Ukraine) two times, and noticed, that there are no good Maps online available for ukraine.

  • I mapped some bigger streets in L'viv/Львів.
  • I mapped the street from L'viv/Львів to Chernivtsi/Чернівці via Ternopil/Тернопіль.
  • In Chernivtsi/Чернівці i mapped almost all streets which are good visible on satellite images, and even some buildings which i remember from my visit.