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Information about this process

This is a temporary wiki page I have created for the purpose of this feedback only. There is never anything in the page to indicate who this refers to, and my messages are not available for others to refer to. As feedback from you could be helpful to me and to others, I keep that available, but in an anonymised form - nobody can be identified unless they want to. The whole purpose is to help you & to help the H.O.T. team. This wiki page & the screenshots will be recycled so they refer to somebody else in the future.

Mapping before validation

20140429 feedback 1.png

2 Mapping before validation

If you look carefully at the trees between the residential area and the road you can see parts of a path or track. Also at the bottom, there is a variation in the width of the road where the path / track joins it.

Feedback 01 2.png

After changes by validator

Feedback 01 3.png

Summary of changes

Paths which enter the residential area have been joined, and then joined to a new section of highway=residential which connects them to the main highway. The purpose is to assist with routing software. The finished data is available for use as OSM_Map_On_Garmin/Download, and as maps for programmes such as Osmand. When used as navigation devices they will only navigate along paths / tracks & roads which are joined together.

There is always some means of access to any building which is in use, but it is often obscured by trees. The small bits of path which are visible indicate where it is. By adding it to the map it shows where the access to the buildings is - any changes that are needed later because the path may wander etc.. can be subsequently added once a ground survey has been done.

Similar problems found an corrected in other areas - I haven't added screenshots, and have corrected them.

Keep up the good work. Your mapping is very good, these are just a few pointers which I hope will make it even better.

I'd appreciate any feedback from you as to whether you found it useful having the screenshots etc. to refer to. - just reply to my original message.