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HOT email list apparently only reaches a few.

People who sign up to TM and do some mapping are obviously interested. Could we make use of this?

  • When person firsts signs up to TM, send them pre-formatted message - allows corporate message to be sent with a few pertinent current points.
  • When their first square is validated, send them a message that consists of;
  • Corporate (LearnOSM, mailing list, IRC, Mumble, latest update... etc.)
  • scrape of validators comment from square(s)
  • Corporate thanks & hope they will do more.
  • Thereafter message only once a month - exceptional circumstances? Same format.
  • Dip testing / validating - have been sending my own worded message - corporate message may be better?
  • Could we run more talks / training sessions? 'HOT coffee morning'
  • Aid agencies appreciate what we do - could they also publicise some of our events - not only donate money, but time as well. Is something like British Red Cross interested in having a course run for them?
  • Seems to be biased towards JOSM - could we be putting other mappers (the majority?) off?

Re-organise the Tasking Manager wiki

OSM HOT Mapping Guide 'Change name from OSM Tasking Manager - update links from main website (or put some of this in there?) The Guide to getting the most out of helping HOT

  1. Recent updates
    1. Section containing date - description of change & link, for any changes such as TM2, updates in main web page, etc.. (encourage mappers to treat this as a briefing doc.)
  2. Tasking Manager
  3. Alternative tasks, such as field papers - either have the table inserted here, or a link to where it is
  4. Guide to interpreting satellite images
  5. Guide to mapping for new mappers User:Tallguy/Thoughts_&_ideas/Beginners_guide
      1. JOSM
      2. iD
      3. P2
  6. Guide to validating - encourage new & all mappers to read this as it lets them know the standard required.
  7. Further help & useful links ( etc)
  8. Development