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I am a Computer Engineer since 1999, main strengths Java, Linux, and Mobile development, details at My Web Home


I have some gps traces done in Karachi, moved to Islamabad recently and have mapped rare highways using gps traces, like:

  • part of the N60 (Shahpur to Joharabad, dist. Khushab) (24th March 2008)
  • Bhera (M2) to Shahpur (N60) (24th March 2008)
  • part of N70 (Multan to Forte Manroe via Sukheki) (25th March 2008)
  • the road from Lawrencepur (N5) to Topi (GIKI) (25th March 2008)
  • DG Khan (N70) to Rajan Pur (Shaikh Zaid Rd) (25th March 2008)
  • Rajan Pur to Sadiqabad (N5) short cut (25th March 2008)
  • Lilla (M2) to Khushab (N60) (26th March 2008)
  • Lilla (M2) to Khewra Salt Mines via Pind Dadan Khan (26th March 2008)
  • Khushab (N60) to Shergarh Barrage (26th March 2008)
  • Multan to Faisalabad via Jhang Saddar (E5) (26th March 2008)
  • Extended N35 past Abbottabad city (7th April 2008)
  • Added road from Abbottabad to Shimla hill with alternative road (7th April 2008)
  • Added a missing portion of M1 West between Burhan and Swabi (11th April 2008)
  • Added Anbar Interchange on M1 West (11th April 2008)
  • Added Anbar to Swabi Road (11th April 2008)
  • Added Swabi to Topi Road for those traveling from Anbar Interchange to GIKI (11th April 2008)
  • Added Murree bypass on N15 and road to Nathia Gali etc. next time will go all the way to Abbottabad (3rd May 2008)
  • Added missing portion of N75 (Murree Expressway) (12th July 2008)

Places of interest:

  • Can do the N75 once I know its open for traffic ;) (Road is open but the Missiary to Murree road is under construction - waiting eagerly) (DONE 12th July 2008)
  • Trip to Nathia Gali and Bhurban (Almost made it on 5th April 2008 but had to turn around due to heavy rainfall) (Again failed on 3rd May 2008)
  • Trip to K2 base camp via Khunjerab Pass
  • Road trip to Karachi from Islamabad (maybe after M4 and M9)


  • Garmin eTrex Legend (1 MB) used for tracks and waypoints, for sale if somebody needs it.
  • i.Trek M6 Bluetooth GPS used with SE P910i running SmartComGPS for traces, navigation, and maintaining speed limit ;)
  • Nokia E90 (built-in GPS) running MGMaps with OSM Mapnik tiles and TrekBuddy, waiting for SmartComGPS to be released
  • GPSMid nice piece of software using vector OSM data but does not work on E90 :(
  • gpsVP on a Windows CE PNA installed in my Suzuki Liana.