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I'm living in Tubize (Brabant Wallon), 20 km SSE of Brussels.

I've started with OSM begin June ('08).
I'm currently working on my own town, naming streets and adding some minor ways.
I use JOSM for editing/adding/naming ways; Potlatch for some minor corrections.
My tracing were done in walking. Starting October '08, I've buy a new bicycle to accelerate the process.

I have a Garmin GPSmap 60CS (not the "x" version) and a Garmin Colorado
The 60CS is more precise when having a good sky view; not to be used in woods...
The Colorado give always a trace, even in woods, but not always precise. I try to take these 2 GPSes with me, so an averaging can be done.


- Tubize :    roads/streets are traced and named. Need a second pass to check for speed limits and POIs
- Clabecq :   mainly covered
- Oisquercq : mainly covered
- Saintes :   mainly covered
- Bierghes :  mainly covered
- Petit-Enghien : partially covered (25%)
- others :    Quenast, Rebecq, Virginal, Ittre, Haut-Ittre, Braine-le-Château, Lembeek are on my todo list

- highway level (Tubize area) :

highway level
type ref name link
Motorway E429 Halle - Enghien
Primary N6 Chaussée d'Enghien Halle - Enghien
N7 Rue de Bruxelles -> Rue de Mons -> Chaussée de Mons Halle - Braine-le-Comte
Secondary - Chaussée d'Hondzocht N6 - #E429 - N7
- Rue de Nivelles -> Rue de la Déportation (forward) -> Route Provinciale
Rue de Nivelles <- Rue des Forges (backward) <- Route Provinciale
Tubize - Braine-le-Château
Tertiary - Hameau de Trop Lembeek - Heikruis
- Boulevard G. Deryck -> Rue Ferrer -> Rue Ripainoise Tubize - Quenast
- Rue du Perroquet -> Rue Fr. Taymans -> Rue de Virginal Tubize - Virginal
- Rue de Clabecq Clabecq - Ittre
- Route Provinciale -> Place J. Goffin -> Rue St-Jean -> Rue des Déportés Clabecq - Lembeek

Remarks : if a colleague tagger does not agree with the highway level choice, please let me know