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Hi there! I'm TheAdventurer64, a mapper who lives in the United States, and is dedicated to cleaning up the OpenStreetMap. I have done multiple contributions to multiple different resources, as discussed below.


In Summer of 2018, I was trying out different apps for navigation. When I downloaded MAPS.ME, I noticed something very problematic about the map, it wasn't detailed. To solve the problem, I quickly got into action by creating an OpenStreetMap account, and started contributing data to the map. After a few weeks however, I started to decline interest in mapping. Because of this, I stopped mapping for a while, until later.

In 2020, I started using MAPS.ME again, and realized how much of an update the map still needed. Because of this, I started mapping again. Since then, I've made many milestones. Such milestones include contributing 2000 edits for the map. I've also helped with cleaning up the wiki, including grammar and uniformity upgrades. More info on this can be found here.

Contact Me

If you would like to contact me, the quickest way is through Discord. My tag is adventurer#3478. Alternatively, you can also contact me through my user profile.