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My Activities

I am mostly working here in OSM for my place of birth Reken. I live in Haan and that is my second place for mapping.

I worked on "Strassenlisten" @ This contains

  • collecting official list
  • try to reduce errors in list

I have tried to move my activities more to software development and started to implement OSMBC, the current editorial tool for weeklyOSM and Wochennotiz.

Now this tool is updated regulary, and i work as occasional Editor for weeklyOSM and Wochennotiz.

My OSM Motivation

I startet with my "GEO" hobby with geocaching and my family. As maps for my garmin seemed to be to expensive for me, i found the free of charge solution OpenStreetMap.

Now i am working at OSM to pay for my map usage :). I am working on OSM to have fun, too.

Actual OSM Work

In the last (2015) i have mainly taken actions for OSMBC (WeeklyOSM#OSMBC)  (

what i did at OSM (uncomplete)

My Tools

  • ITOWorld
  • JOSM
    • HouseNumberTaggingTool
    • notes
    • undelete plugin
    • mirrored download
    • reltoolbox
    • reverter
    • turnrestrictions
    • utilsplugin2
  • GoMap
    A good editor for iPHone, even without any updates

My Tools for OSM Map Usage


Ex OSMF Member as anonymous membership is no longer possible.

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