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Personal Interests

Being on the road everyday i feel a gap in innovative in-vehicle services. Consumer navigation solutions are so cheap and easy to use. Services which makes the life of people on the road easier make the difference then. I see this as a chance to get peoples attraction in OSM based navigation solutions.

The first step towards this is getting the gas station metadata right in OSM. Using and an internet enabled mobile phone makes it a task of 10 seconds. However the goal is not just the metadata. We wan't the prices as well and bring them directly into our navigation solutions.

How to contribute?

Use the to maintain fuel station metadata and more importantly: Let non OSM people know how easy it is e.g. on Android phone to do that. They hopefully like the service and implicitly support OSM.

Give some hints in converting to a fully open tool chain with e.g. openlayers. It is an important aspect for a lot of people. And people should be happy with it.

Integrate it! You might have the brilliant idea how to benefit from this. Do it! If you can contribute to the data using your brilliant idea would be great to reach a critical mass sooner.

Current Status

By July 2009 there is a wide variety of tags for the products you can get from a fuel station. I tried to match them as closest to the tags where a consensus was achieved. The tags in the planet file are left, its mapping to the database on the right.

fuel_e85 maps to e85

fuel:hgv_diesel maps to HGV_diesel

fuel:* maps to

fuel_svo maps to svo

fuel:lpg maps to lpg

fuel_GPL maps to lpg

fuel:hydrogen maps to LH2

fuel:svo maps to svo

fuel:HGV_disel maps to HGV_diesel

fuel_diesel maps to diesel

fuel_biodiesel maps to biodiesel

fuel_lng maps to lpg

fuel:octane95 maps to octane_95

fuel:electricity maps to electricity

fuel_erdgas maps to cng

fuel:octane_76 maps to

fuel_hydrogen maps to LH2

fuel_1_25 maps to 1_25

fuel_octane_95 maps to octane_95

fuel.octane_98 maps to octane_98

fuel_biogas maps to biogas

fuel_octane_91 maps to octane_91

fuel:diesel maps to diesel

fuel_type maps to

fuel:ethanol maps to ethanol

fuel:AdBlue maps to AdBlue

fuel_octane_98 maps to octane_98

fuel:octane_98 maps to octane_98

fuel:octane_99 maps to octane_98

fuel:adblue maps to AdBlue

fuel:bioethanol_E85 maps to e85

fuel_HGV_diesel maps to HGV_diesel

fuel:octane_100 maps to octane_100

fuel_cng maps to cng

fuel maps to

fuel:octane_91 maps to octane_91

fuel:octane_92 maps to octane_91

fuel:octane_93 maps to octane_91

fuel:octane_95 maps to octane_95

fuel_bioethanol_E85 maps to e85

fuel:biogas maps to biogas

fuel:e85 maps to e85

fuel:gasoline maps to octane_95

fuel_shop maps to

fuel_bioethanol maps to e85

fuel:biodiesel maps to biodiesel

fuel:octane_96 maps to octane_95

fuel:autogas maps to lpg

fuel:octane_80 maps to octane_80

fuel_super_petrol maps to octane_95

fuel_diesel_dutyfree maps to diesel

fuel:propane maps to propane

fuel:disel maps to diesel

fuel:LH2 maps to LH2

fuel_gasoline maps to octane_95

fuel:octane_89 maps to octane_89

fuel_petrol maps to octane_95

fuel_lpg maps to lpg

fuel:methanol maps to methanol

fuel:HGV_diesel maps to HGV_diesel

fuel:E85 maps to e85

fuel:propan maps to propane

fuel:1_50 maps to 1_50

fuel:octane_87 maps to octane_87

fueltype maps to

fuel:1_25 maps to 1_25

fuel_octane_85 maps to octane_85

fuel_octane maps to octane_95

fuel_1_50 maps to 1_50

fuel:octane_85 maps to octane_85

fuel:octan95 maps to octane_95

fuel:cng maps to cng

fuel:erdgas maps to cng

fuel_adblue maps to AdBlue

fuel_octane_100 maps to octane_100

fuel:petrol maps to octane_95