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da-N Denne bruger har dansk som modersmål.
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Hi my name is Thomas and I live in Hillerød, Denmark.

Until October 2010 I mainly mapped Lyngby (by foot) but now I live in North Zealand in Hillerød.

My user name on openstreetmap is Broadbeer.

My devices

My road to mapping with my N79

I started mapping with my mobile phone (Nokia N79) in January 2010. First I found out that the Nokia Sports Tracker could export workouts to GPX files and I had 100+ workouts from a lot of places all over Denmark, but unfortunately the gpx files could not be imported into OSM. So I started looking for other tracking programs for Symbian, and found the promising TTGPSLogger. It had numerous settings and I started tracking, but for some reason it never saved the tracks onto file (also made my phone crash) and it is useless!

Finally I found WhereAmI that doesn't have a lot of settings (can't set the tracklog time) but you can download a map of the area you are in and see what has already been mapped. You can annonate text, numbers, audio and photos.


I changed yo iPhone in March/April 2010 and have used both OSMTrack & Trails to collect trails in GPX-files.

In April 2012 i invested in a Garmin eTrex 30.