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My goal is to provide data for Cape Verde. I started with my local knowledge and aerial imagery. Cape Verde is a good place for hiking, lots of footways to upload. My work is also available on my website ( Have a nice trip. Tom.

27th of March 2008 After some anxious days, there it is, my first nodes/ways appeared on OSM. Look at Praia, Cape Verde. Even if it's still a draft from aerial imagery, I hope some friend will lend me his GPS this summer... Anyway, there was no data for Cape Verde. I think it's better to start with a draft and refine it later. Think about the local bus company in the capital which not owns a map of bus lines for their internal use...

30th of April 2008 Here it is... A friend of mine sold me his Magellan Meridian. I have to training myself to be ready this summer. Expect a lot of news for Santiago island. Until that time, I will join the Lyon party in France in mid-june. I hope I'll meet experts people which will help me to learn how making good maps from nothing.