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I got into OSM in 2011 by way of geocaching, and not long after that got involved with HOT projects, from Mali to Colorado with stops in Pakistan and China. Of course I've done more work in Africa, and a couple of other places besides. Remote mapping is a good fit when I'm tied to the house due to medical reasons and our climate.

I'm Tom Taylor in real life, living in Ottawa, Canada, where we are lucky enough to also have three children and six grandchildren. My original education was in mathematics, but I've worked in telecommunications R&D since the early '70s and currently do consulting in internet protocol standards. My standards work has taken me to a lot of countries in the past. I used to see the sights by hunting down local geocaches. I'm finally fit enough to resume travel after a gap of two years. Possibly I can do some mapping while I'm away, depending on how much work has been done in my meeting locations.

My extensive work in writing protocol specifications (and chairing the development of same) led me to take an interest in the HOT Training Working Group [1]. I am currently Chair of that group, with co-Chair Nick Allen [2].