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Just joined up as I want to learn more about Open Street Maps and how to contribute.

Have a Garmin Nuvi 200 with firmware 3.40 which allows tracklogs!!!! This was disable in later firmware updates.

Also have a Garmin eTrex H.

I use the Nuvi for navigating and for geocaching (paperless rocks!) and the eTrex for homing into the caches when on the ground.

I am going to build my self a serial cable for my eTrex as i refuse to pay over R400 (more than one third of the cost of the unit) for a Garmin cable.

I bought a cable for R200 from local pfranc dealer Kalle. Now the etrex H is even more useful and I can load waypoints and download tracks with gpsbabel. The inly unfortunate thing is I now have to shell out another R200 for a serial to usb converter cable!!!! I do have an older laptop with a serial port that I use at the moment.

Attended a mapping party on Hout Bay and there is one due soon on Table View