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Hello, my name is Tauvic Ritter, i live in the Netherlands i’m married have a daughter and work as an DevOps IT4IT Innovator. I love to eat asian food, explore new technology and build smart solutions.

Currently working on roadsafety and mapping my neigborhood

  • Roadsafety DriverCoach a system for safer driving
  • OpenStreetMap:
    • mapping my neighborhood (benches, playgrounds and streetfurniture[1])
    • mapping road accidents on neighborhood to finding safe routes to school.
    • working on an algorithm for automatic routing (python osmnx).
    • accesibility for blind and disabled (tactile_paving)
    • reading Route planning for blind pedestrians using OpenStreetMap

Read more:

  • My Blog on wordpress (Currently working on road safety)
  • LinkedIn profile TauvicRitter
  • Github source code