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I've been using GPSrs for several years, in conjunction with Geocaching and Automatic Packet Reporting System (APRS) on amateur radio; my radio call is K5MW. I'm located in Fort Worth, Texas, USA, and am a retired electrical engineer, having worked in the Information Technology field for a number of years.

I became interested in OpenStreetMap as a result of working out a process to download track data from my Avmap G5 GPS, for input into OSM (and other smaller data bases). I used GPX Editor to edit a track and upload it for a new housing development near my son's home in Houston, TX. Then I took a look at my own area, and saw how much detail needed to be added. After that I was hooked.

I started editing OSM in late September 2009. Being an engineer, and having had to develop and work with specifications a lot over the years, the wiki has fascinated me, and as of this writing (Oct 2009) I have stirred the pot on a couple of mapping conventions that I think could be improved.

Feel free to leave me your comments on my discussion page.

Thanks and 73, Turbodog

aka Randy Thomson aka K5MW