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About Me

Hi, I finally got my own GPS device (Garmin Dakota 20) which I intend to use mainly as bike computer on my road bikes. So most of my traces are from at least paved roads.

I just started to work a little with JOSM which seems a bit wired to me. Also I managed to do a first few changes in my area.

My first aims are:

  • Log all my road bike trips and upload them to OSM
  • Map/correct the area around
  • Get into contact to other OSM people between Leonberg/Ludwigsburg/Stuttgart
  • Try to find out why the OSM bicyle maps does not work correctly when used for routing (device crash or reports calculation error)
  • Start to do some Geocaching
  • Learn how to download dedicated areas from the OSM database
  • Build my own maps, with layers I can switch on/off on the device, own colors, and which are routeable

So as direct consequnce I'm looking forward to meet people

  • who can introduce JOSM (or other/better) application for refining mapping data
  • who can give my some introduction into Geocaching
  • like to do some mapping events

And last but not least just a few data about me. In opposite to my user name I'm male, born 1975, handsome (they say) but quite little crazy and I do a lot of sports, especially long distances on the road bike.

So if you can help me to achieve one/some/all of my aims, or are just curious don't hesitate to contact me at (BTW: My native language is German but as OSM is a international project I will continue to fill this page in English)

P.S.: As with the OSM idea of a FREE map I also use a FREE OS