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This is a demo page for one particular map bookmarklet, ul2geomap.
Therefor, even if this wiki might have better methods for displaying maps, please don't convert the examples listed here. They are built in only basic MediaWiki markup in order to make them work in other wikis as well.

Funny german town names

(inspired by this map)

Sometimes, applying the bookmarklet leads to large round areas around the marks but no map is shown.
In this case, please apply it again. We're investigating possible causes.

New pipeline proposal:

Use to view this map.

  • Benzin @53.441527,12.081235
  • Leck @54.773927,8.972507
  • Pipeline @53.441527,12.081235 @54.217073,11.980591 @54.562508,11.277466 @54.772177,10.134888 @54.773927,8.972507

The way of the voice:

Use to view this map.

  • Vogelsang @52.180993,14.664085
  • Berg @50.37512,11.777432
  • Katzenhirn @48.036091,10.558867
  • @52.180993,14.664085 @50.37512,11.777432 @48.036091,10.558867