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Large private entrances e.g. of industrial compounds ought to be mapped like road entrances, see Ulamm/Regulations and smoothness of crossings

The layout of other private entrances ought to be described in general for longer sections of cyclepaths:

  • *=flat (value if perfectly on the level of the cyclepath, with a slope on the narrow strip between cycleway and carriageway)
  • *=sloping (sloping from sidepath level at the limit between private ground and street to carriageway level near the curb)
  • *=deep (below sidepath level in the whole width of the cycleway)
  • *=very_deep on carriageway level or below in the whole width of the cycleway)
  • *=good
  • *=limited
  • *=bad
  • *=many
  • *=medium
  • *=few
  • *=30 per km (or another figure)
  • *=5 on 300 m (or other figures)