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This is to detail what I am covering.

I live in Taunton, Somerset, and map in the surrounding areas, including Devon. I have relatives in Norfolk & Essex and travel to them on a regular basis, so you may see some of my tracks there.

I have a Locosys GT-31 GPS unit, which servers me well until 2009, when I replaced it with a HTC Tattoo phone.

I now own a Motorola Droid Razr, which I use for plotting and photos

I also compete in Road Rallies around the SW of England, and occasionally Wales, and take this device with me to record the route, and it also permits me to record average speeds.

If you reading this because I've edited one of your ways/nodes/areas, apologies for not getting in touch directly, but if it is not in one of the areas mentioned about then it could be that I've fixed an error, (Overlapping ways, etc) I use OSM Inspector ( which on the Geometry option, shows all the areas which have incorrect coding.