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Qstarz 1300S I thought that I'd give a plug to the Qstarz 1300S. What a great little device! It's simple, accurate and reliable - you just switch it on and forget about it, secure in the knowledge that it will happily log your track for as long as your legs hold out (I walk). Downloading the track is just as easy with the included software, which exports various formats also. As soon as you plug in the USB the (windows) software wants to download your track and waypoints, which it then displays on a map. Other versions of the free software can be used to complement healthy exercise and sports performance. It has bluetooth (which I haven't tried) and is about the size of a box of matches (although much thinner). I've been using the Qstarz 1300S for about 9 months and I really can't fault it and, like today, it just kept going when unbeknown to me my EtrexH decided to stop tracking (again). UrbanRambler