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Hey, I am Voltairovicz and I have been editing Open Street Map regurally since 2017.

My main region constantly to be editing is Radom and its neighboring commune Zakrzew. Besides recently I started editing Oborniki Śląskie surroundings.

First of all, I focus on the exact mapping of given areas by adding everything that is missing in it. These are buildings, landuses, fences, trees, sidewalks, all information boards and maps, areas of various institutions, everything that can be mapped. I am guided by the idea of accurate and detailed mapping, without doing it in a hurry. Besides, I try to map all the other places that I will visit live. From other objects, I try to edit the infrastructure of expressways and railways throughout Poland. In January 2022, I was the main contributor to the missing markets "Dino" mapping action. I managed to add them all to the map, then I took an active part in adding AED defibrillators. To this end, I have written to over 60 volunteer fire brigades. Recently, I have been trying to edit towns near the Polish-Ukrainian border as part of the #helpua_osmp campaign.

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