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About me

my name is Tomas. I read on 27 Nov 2006 about openstreetmap first time and I am totally adicted from first moment. Thanks to wikipedia I have good source of information. I am trying to map my nearest area and explore all possibilities from mapping itself to post process. ICQ: 26163311

My gear

  • Geko 301
  • PDA PocketLoox610 with NL306C and AT-65 antenna


Some weeks ago every free segments in my area were joined to ways, from juntion to junction (node with 3 or more segments) suddenly. I deleted almost everythig, but nobody is perfect and I did new ways over these old. I did not find powerful technique how find this mess in my favourite JOSM and I wrote simple perl script - to analyze OSM files for this purpose.



Result after 20 days of playing with OSM. It is really fun. It is also way, how re-explore town where I live many years. Thanks for OSM and all tools around, it is pleasure to play :) Pity, winter just start.