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About me:
Go Do Some Mapping Waldhans
prefers to go outside and map.
Deutsche Flagge.jpg This user hails from Germany
de Dieser Benutzer spricht Deutsch als Muttersprache.
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Bike Waldhans
is a bicyclist.
Bike Waldhans
is a hiker.
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Kurt Waldhans aus Viersen - Süchteln

Software developer email:

OSM Stammtisch Viersen

Area of Interest

Süchteln Viersen Grefrath (bicycle distance)

long-time goal


  • photo: Canon SX260 with CHDK 1.2
  • trace: Samsung Galaxy Note 1 using OsmAnd (nightly builds)

Mapping rules

in case of a dispute, I will use following mapping rules:

30-Zone "highway"="residential" "maxspeed"="30" "source:maxspeed"="DE:zone30"
Hausdurchfahrt "tunnel=building_passage"
parkplatz Scheibe "parking:condition=disk" "stay:120" "condition:time_interval=Mo-Fr 09:00-13:00,15:00-19:00; Sa 08:00-13:00" THIS IS NOW QUESTIONABLE
parkplatz Schein "parking:condition=ticket" "fee=interval" "condition:time_interval=Mo-Fr 09:00-13:00,15:00-18:00"
Einbahn/Rad frei "oneway=yes" "oneway:bicycle=no" "cycleway=opposite"
Kirche "name=St. Remigius" "building=church" "amenity=place_of_worship" "religion=christian" "denomination=roman_catholic" "service_times=Su 11:00; Tu 9:00; We 15:00" "start_date=1450" "website="
Denkmalschutzliste "historic=heritage" "heritage=8" "heritage:ref=371" "heritage:operator=UntereDenkmalbehörde" "heritage:website="
Bücher Tausch Kiste/Schrank/ "amenity=public_bookcase" "note=old red phone booth"
Neubau, nicht im Kataster fixme=Neubau Grundriss
fast_food/restaurant pay before eating=fast_food pay after eating=restaurant
kein sinnvoller Name (Schulhof, etc.) "noname=yes"
Fischtreppe fixme=Change to 'fish_pass' when tag rendered.
Doppelhaushälfte building=semidetached_house (already used around Cologne)
Carport building=carport (wird vom Kreis extra unterschieden)
xx xx

Landuse / Natural / Landcover

WORST CASE, found in Wikipedia .. do not do this!

Area Tag Remark
Dauergrünland landuse=meadow
Ackerbauflächen landuse=farmland
Baumplantage/Weinberg landuse=orchard/vineyard
Grünflaeche in der Stadt landuse=grass zumindest einmal im Jahr gemäht
Grünflaeche in der Stadt natural=scrub verbuscht, nie gemäht
xx xx

recreation_ground gibt es bei uns nicht! Damit sind keine Hundewiesen gemeint!! Bei uns wird das entweder ein Park oder ein pitch. Bestenfalls als Aussenfläche um Sportstätten (Hoher Busch).

my personal approach:

  • connect all landuse polygons
  • if possible, remove multi-polygon relations on landuse (split on kataster boundaries)
  • split landuse on highways:
    • always on secondary and tertiary
    • possible fill in landuse=highway (proposal was stopped by trolls, it's not optimal, but since landuse=railways is accepted, the optimal landuse=transportation can't be reached)
    • split on railway, fill in landuse=railway
  • connect landuse with areas tagged with natural=wood,scrub,etc.
  • maybe also landcover?

check User:Imagic/landcover for a new classification

Historical Objects

for the current status please visit Viersen Freizeit/Denkmaeler

for more details, please visit this subpage !

12-Aug-2014: the Kreis Viersen is "monument-free", see DE:CheckTheMonuments, beside the 2 real ones I know, Bismarkturm & Kreiskriegerdenkmal.

All the 'monuments' I found were wind/watermills, memorials, sculptures and one pillbox. Maybe we can find some more real monuments!

Heritage=8 count, updated 24-Sep-2014 15:41
Gemeinde Objekte in Liste OSM Prozent
Gemeinde Brüggen 59 1 1.69 %
Gemeinde Grefrath 51 3 5.88 %
Stadt Kempen 281 5 1.78 %
Stadt Nettetal 183 5 2.73 %
Gemeinde Niederkrüchten 63 1 1.59 %
Gemeinde Schwalmtal 127 1 0.79 %
Stadt Tönisvorst 62 7 11.29 %
Stadt Viersen 501 56 11.18 %
Stadt Willich 159 3 1.89 %
total 1486 82 5.52 %
OSM data from 24-Sep-14 15:17:02

3D Buildings

for more details, please visit this sub-page !

places I tried to model:

St. Clemens Süchteln f4map
Burg Uda Oedt OSM2World