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FR: Je m'appelle Xavier, et j'habite depuis peu à Rauma en Finlande. Je suis passionné de randonnées et autres sports "nature". J'ai pris part au projet OSM depuis l'acquisition de mon GPS et je m'interesse principalement à mapper les sentiers, chemins, refuges, etc. rencontrées au cours de mes balades.

EN: My name is Xavier, and I recently moved in Rauma, Finland. I am passionate about hiking and outdoor sports in general. I recently gain some interest in the OSM project, actually since I bought my GPS device. I mostly contribute in OSM by mapping hiking trails and tracks, huts and whatever I come by while hiking. I will also try to fix a few errors here in the streets of Rauma.

My main contribution so far: Mapped a few trails along diverse National parks and hiking areas:

Joutsijärvi hiking area, near Pori
Seitseminen national park, north of Tampere
Isojärvi national park, east of Tampere
Repovesi national park, near Kouvola
Pallas tunturi national park, near Raattama, Muonio, Lapland
Salamajärvi national park, between Kokkola and Kuopio
Evo hiking area, near Lahti

My project:

- Map the Reitti Satakunta Pirkanmaa from Pori to Tampere. It's nearly complete. I miss the last 30km stretch to Ylöjarvi near Tampere. Also, the tagging should be perfected. (see and (hopefully complete by summer 2014)
- Start to map some sections of the E6 European long distance trail here in Finland (see (will do my best to hike/bike most of the sections between Turku and Tampere in the Fall 2013)
- Work on the Tour du Cervin trails (see relation (September 2013)
prefers to go outside and map.