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Just a little entry so you can start contacting me.

I have marked my "home" on OpenStreetMap as somewhere near the town of Bassila, but somewhat off west, towards Togo. That is no mistake.

Seems I had to have a separate user account for this wiki; so to not get confused, I picked different names. If you click on the icon above, it will get you to my user page on OSM.

I have seen several encouragements to go ahead and map. And to make mistakes. So here we go.

And please remember, this part of the world is always "different". Help which is relevant to Africa is very welcome.

I would most like to meet and interact with people who are (!) actually in West Africa.

If anybody out there is ever reading this, or having a "watch" on Benin, then maybe we should start corresponding; I think on the left column you can click "Email this user". Or even better please use the contact feature in OpenStreetMap, because I will be more with the maps than with the Wiki.

Another good place to "meet" is here: WikiProject Benin

Make sure you tag yourself as a "Category:Users in Benin" so we can find you. :)

I map as I travel; I do not travel to map. So any street or road with my name as editor and "ending" abruptly does not mean anything, except that my little tracker has not gone any further. It is great fun to be the first to start on a fresh town or to draw an important but not-yet existing country-road. Anybody feel free to edit or correct; I do not "claim" any territory.

--Webtooslow 20:16, 20 February 2011 (UTC)