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I requested a basic fearture, but I hope somes wikimedia boss and OpenStreetMap boss will talk to move quickly to a STRONG & CLOSE Wikimedia-OpenStreetMap collaboration. Wikimaps HAVE TO , one day or an other, move to your technology.

INTRODUCTION: I represent here the 'Wikigraphists', creating maps for Wikipedia. We have create several Map Labs :

On the French and German labs, wikigraphists created about 2.000 maps in 3 years.

WIKIPEDIA'S COLORS CONVENTIONS: We are used to pick up roads data from OpenStreetMap. But we have our own Wiki-skin (colors conventions) :

These conventions and colors have been choice after long talks, for Encyclopedic use : we need less objects than you, but with more vivid colors. Thus, our maps may be include in wiki articles.

NB: we also have our own SVG toolbox :


  1. Is it possible to customize my account (CSS), to directly get maps display in the Wikipedia style ?
  2. May some open-street maps programmers think a little about such Wikipedia-OpenStreetMap association.

Please, answer there too :