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OSMchecker Beta

OSMChecker owes a great deal to OpenStreetMap; without it, it wouldn’t exist.

The program uses a wiz wig approach to assist those new to OpenStreetMap or puzzled as to why some of their efforts failed to be rendered in Mapnik. It does not attempt to compete with more powerful 'error detectors',like Keepright etc, but hopes to fill a vacuum by highlighting (not just pointing to) problematic highways,areas or POIs.

Regularly used POIs are displayed as icons and highlighed when tagging is incomplete; you can even see the stiles,kissinggates,benches etc dotted along a walk, or streets with addresses, grit bins,individual trees...

In addition,routes can be created and saved as a GPX file.

What it does

It checks for:

'lines' without a highway tag

areas not rendered in Mapnik

incomplete areas

residential highways without names .

highways that are not connected

bridges without highways

stations without platforms

POIs that lack a crucial tag ,ie places of worship without a religion or shops,bus stops, amenities etc without a name tag. OSMChecker displays all essential POIs as clickable icons, giving you a quick overview of what has and hasn't been mapped.

What else does it do?

It shows at a glance current contributors of area shown. You can also search for contributions made by individual authors or search by date.

You can plan a route and save it as a GPX file

See your route on Google Earth

Import your tracks and waypoints

Search POIs

Show FIXME nodes

Shows notes left by authors

Show all current authors and timestamps

More Information

osmchecker : [1]