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Kitzingen, Berlin, Regensburg, Nürnberg/Erlangen.


wyk (at) wybits (dot) net



  • GPSMap 60CSx
  • BT-455


Currently working on these projects:

  • BT455: Windows application to read the tracks out of the BT-455 device without the overhead of the google/flickr interface of the original vendor software
  • SplitOSM: quick 'n dirty parser, to split large osm files into smaller chunks; done, but chunksize could be made configurable.
  • OSM2DB: Imports osm files into my mysql database. Works like a charm, but subject to changes, as the structure of my database changes due to optimisations.
  • OSMWatch: Windows application to watch changes within an area of the osm map. Currently displaying data in listviews, but struggling with OpenLayers to get the data visualized.