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I am in Sydney and do mapping when I can, but it is only a little. If you are interested in mapping then you can contact me on mail at

Australia User Group

Hi Yewenyi,

Welcome to OSM and thank you for getting in touch. Unfortunately I just left Sydney six weeks ago so there is no one there to talk to directly, let me help you as much as I can. May be we can set up a Skype call either to your PC or to your landline phone.

Please email me at mike at . I can also be reached on Skype as michael.collinson and on MSN as mikes at (note the slighty different address).

There are three of us mapping in the whole of Australia, (now 4!). David and Andrew are in Canberra. I will put you in touch. As we are so small, there is no formal user group structure other than email.

I use JOSM all the time. The applet is really, really difficult to use because is slow to load from Australia and then times out when you try to make a change.

Mike (Michael Collinson)


Yes, I would be delighted if you set up a local group and took the lead. I am now in Stockholm (a long way away!) and though still have a business in Australia, will not be be back for several months.

Mike 11:05, 31 May 2007 (BST)