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I'm Johannes Rössel, a software developer living near Tübingen, Germany. The user name goes back to The Neverending Story by Michael Ende.

I started out in 2013, just out of interest because I've been working on maps in my day job. However, after two map edits interest somehow waned for years. Until I discovered StreetComplete. Since then I've been somewhat active mapping my immediate surroundings wherever I go. It's a really great entry drug to OSM.

Since then most StreetComplete quests are gone from my surroundings, so I had to turn to other things, mostly micromapping: Trees, hydrants, hedges, walls, fences, playground equipment. But also building colours and building parts for buildings with interesting shapes. Right now the place I live in has less than 500 buildings left that have no building colour. Those are mostly things not visible from street level, so gaps are filling more slowly now.