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{{Beginners Guide Header}} This '''Beginners' guide''' will show you how to add data to OpenStreetMap. Tutorials are available in many languages which you can select from the table at the top of this page. You need a computer connected to the Internet and some time to gather information and then enter it. A GPS unit and connecting cable are purely optional, but will be required if you want to collect data that way. Given the excellent aerial photography available in the editors these days a GPS is less important than in the early days of the project. * [[Beginners_Guide 1.0|Create a free account]] so that you can contribute. * [[Beginners_Guide 1.1|Collect data]] using a GPS unit or by other methods. * [[Beginners_Guide 1.2|Upload GPS data]] (skip this section if you are not using GPS). * [[Beginners_Guide 1.3|Edit maps]] to make changes to OpenStreetMap. * [[Beginners_Guide 1.4|Edit data]], add tags and upload changes. * [[Beginners_Guide 1.5|See your changes on the map]]. * Finally, there is a page of [[Beginners_Guide 1.6|additional resources]] and next steps including some other excellent tutorials. The data you add to OpenStreetMap improves the free world map for everyone, whether it's a small correction or thousands of roads added over time. Thank you for making OpenStreetMap just that bit better! There is a panel on the right of every page of the tutorial. The page you are on will be in bold text and you can move to any other page by clicking on the relevant page title. The bottom of each page has 'next' and 'previous' links, as appropriate, to take you through the tutorial page by page. ---- [[Beginners Guide 1.0|Next]] __NOTOC__ [[Category:Beginners' guide]]