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About me

My name is Yves, I live in Switzerland (Vaud) near the Jura mountains.

OpenPisteMap test rendering with mapnik: Nordic pistes

From Jesh SVG proposal on [1]

Mapnik nordic proposal.jpg

Bottom left corner: difficulty. The 'freeride' tag and color exists, so I added it. From center to top right: backcountry, scooter, classic, skating, cl + sk, oneway, lit.

Some are not rendered yet, if difficulty or grooming is not tagged, plus I need ideas for pistes prepaired for 'winter hiking', sleigh and snowshoeing.

Here are the files, this is a work in progress:;mktemplate_100223.php.

Second proposal

Mapnik nordic proposal 2.jpg

Now there is a grey line is difficutly is unknown or extreme (??) and quasi invisible difficulty-colored dots when grooming is unknown. I don't know if this sort of rendered FIXME is of use, but I think this could encourage mappers to improve their mapping.

On top right: added winter-hiking and piste:type=sleigh.


Third proposal

I try to have various rendering style with an automatic color for difficulties. Downhills went slightly transparent with white underline to differentiate them from others. Almost there, any idea for ice-skating ?

Template file here: [2]


OpenPisteMap icons

I've prepare a few icons usefull for OPM, svg format.

Ice skating icon.svg Ice skating

Hike winter icon.svg Winter hiking

Snowshoes icon.svg Snowshoe hiking

Nordic Icon.svg Nordic Skiing (svg from previous png)

Sled Icon.svg Sled (svg from previous png)

Sleigh Icon.svg Sleigh

Ski helmet.svg Fun park