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I'm Stefan Pflumm and I live near Tübingen, Baden-Württemberg.

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I discovered OpenStreetMap in 2008 and was very impressed by this project. My interests are:

  • Routing with OSM data
  • Navigation
  • Map Matching of GPS tracks


  • JOSM
  • iBlue 747 GPS Tracker

Project: Transit Database for OpenStreetMap Routing

This service is the result of a student project started in 2008 on the WSI/GRIS. The idea was to collect representativ (represent the traffic flow) GPS tracks to get the time that is required to pass through the several street segments of the digital road map. This transit data will saved in a database for the purpose of calculating an approximation of future pass throughs dependent on the time of day and direction. The goal is to improve fastest-path routing in two ways:

  1. Getting a more realistic time needed to reach the destination.
  2. Calculate an alternate path to the destination when a road has high costs due to afternoon rush hour for example.

Website: Transit Database for OpenStreetMap Routing