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Hi all. I am a programmer working for one of the big banks.

I used be be involved with coding opensource, but recently I found mapping much better.

I live in the Pretoria/Centurion and started around June 2007 to map out my area since there was nothing.

I bough myself a Garmin Extrex Vista HCx, but I mainly use it to gather points. I love this GPS!!! Expensive but good. Paid R4500 for it.

It gives me a great excuse to plan holidays to gather data.

The last one was all the way to Namibia, Zambia and Botswana. I am also planning on taking a trip to Mozambique, Tanzania and Malawi but this is still in early planning stages (and I am missing a 4X4 and $)

I hope to add lots more detail in the future

Latest update I have been really busy with work but I have made some progress I have finally managed to buy my 4x4 now I am also looking to buy a data logger as my GPS tracklog gets full too quickly, what to buy?

Here are some of my recent edits My History