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UserStat prepares and visualizes information about mapper performance

UserStat is a suite of software tools to prepare and present information about one or more mapper accounts. Currently, as of v0.01, it is a suite of one program and supporting files.

Screen shot v0.01

UserStat0 1.png

Features v0.01

For individual mapper account

  • Shows mapper's (estimated) registration date, first changeset, most-recent changeset
  • Shows mapper's preferred editing software program(s) and a pie chart for comparison
  • Estimates the number of days between creating the account and submitting first changeset
  • Calculates length of longest gap from mapping.
  • Calculates number of days of mapping.
  • Graphs mapper's changesets per year, month of year, day of month, day of week and time of day
  • Graphs mapper's changesets per month, day of month, day of week and time of day, per year

For a collection of accounts

UserStat attempts to combine a list of accounts used by one mapper (for instance a main account, accounts from two imports, an additional account used on a mobile device) to create sensible statistics as one combined contributor.

  • Same as above

Upcoming features

  • Add more mapper tools
  • Compare statistics to "all mappers"
  • Suggest mappers similar to this mapper
  • Evaluate stronger vs. weaker performance
  • Mapper action photograph :-)
  • more


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