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Hi A.Chadwick,

Just found this page for the first time today! (you haveing left a useful link in today's(or yeasterday's) edit of St. Aldates.

One note of caution about the gated streets like cornmarket, Turl St., Queen's Lane, Radcliffe Square, and Hollywell Street, etc are often openable with permissions keys and passcodes etc. The signs are based on trying to explain it to drivers who don't know of these procedures so they do have both meaning and even some legal anomelies in them. So check the kind of barriers in use and how they are used when going for conditions (its not as straight forward as reading a nice simple sign though one of the 14 types put up around carfax, [a very short time ago was seen as], inculding telephone numbers for codes for keypad that makes the bollard drop outside of the normal hours. The police also have some semi-automatic overides to some. others are opened for access by the local "residents" (inc. Turl Street and Queen St.) volumes on the roads are low so you might need to wait around or pass very oftern to spot them -I did the latter.

In a seperate linked topic I complained to the County Council about the signs at the bottom of St.Giles that that state motor vehical restrictions in Magdalen Street East that are incompatable with there own transport scheme for lorry (van, et al.) drivers made when the various pedestrisation and bus restrictions were made in about 2000 AD. They Said compile up detailed complaints and present them to our Technical person for possible corrections.

--Govanus (talk) 18:26, 3 December 2015 (UTC)