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Neo Freerunner and osm

Hi Baruch,

This is regarding your note in the wiki saying you plan to buy a neo freerunner. I am too considering very seriously to buy one. But you should be aware that its gps is probably not be as good as some of the other stuff on the market.

"All in all I like the GTA01 accuracy the most although all three sometimes have horrible errors. They all three have accuracy about near the bottom line of usability for OSM mapping for a city, so if you get a GPS with that in mind, it may be slightly disappointing."


I'm aware of this issue, I do hope that the Freerunner will be good enough for OSM but if not I'll get an external GPS to replace the internal one. I do see a major advantage in the phone itself in that I can have an application that greatly aids in taking the notes and marking points of interest. There is no such application that I know of yet. But I'll be ready to write it to make OSMapping easier and thus faster.