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I reverted your change to the nearmap page. I don't believe the licence position has changed. Please discuss if you have some additional information or insight. --inas 00:21, 19 November 2012 (UTC) You can source and derive from Nearmap now; permitting that you source it.

I quoted the current licence (14th December 2011) in the article. It can be seen at

It specifies:

We invite you to Use the Licensed PhotoMaps or Modified PhotoMaps to derive information. You will own all Derived Works that you create. However, you may only distribute Derived Works to others on the terms of a Creative Commons licence (Attribution, Share Alike)(and you may use any version of that licence you wish, whether localised for a particular country or not). For example, you may Use the Licensed PhotoMaps or Modified PhotoMaps to obtain information which you can then use to populate or update OpenStreetMaps.

The terms of use have also been updated more recently (24th of Feb 2012) however they specify that:

Use of the PhotoMaps is governed by separate licence terms. The PhotoMaps are protected by copyright and possibly other intellectual property rights, and you may only access, use or modify the PhotoMaps in accordance with those separate licence terms.

Basically, we now can derive information for OSM as long as we source it.--Beager 00:37, 19 November 2012 (UTC)

I don't think you are right. This is an example, rather than a grant of permission. That example is unchanged since before the licence change, so it is outdated. If you really think Nearmap have changed their position (which was very explicit then I'd suggest you email Nearmap and check. It would be a really big deal if they changed their licence to accommodate us, and I can't imagine they would do it and not let us know. --inas 01:03, 19 November 2012 (UTC)