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Renaming categories

I see that you attempt to rename categories. However this does not work at all like this: categories cannot be renamed without doing more work because this has NO effect on pages listed in them. When you rename a category and don't do anything else, all existing pages are left in the initial category, but they can no longer be viewed simply by visiting it because the renaming has replaced the category description page by a redirect.

So this requires more work ! All pages listed in the category must be edited, or the templates included in those page must be edited to set another categorisation. In addition the #redirect created in the old category is not enough!: You still need to edit the old category by adding a template that will list the old category as a member subcategory of the new one.

If you don't underdtnad what I say, if means you are not experienced enough with MediaWiki editing. In that case, don't even attempt to rename categories. And notably not the categories whose member pages are added by largely used (but complex) templates. Thanks.

Hi Verdy p,
Jep, I have been fiddling with the categories. It was a first step because I'm trying to do a small rework of the category template, which would be based on a "category:prefix:categoryname" naming scheme. So, in order not to do too many things at once and messing up the Wiki, I started by renaming the categories and changing the template accordingly, so the hard-working wiki-servers could re-categorise the pages into the new category. You are right, I forgot to re-categorise the " value" categories into the new "tag descriptions" categories. I actually wanted to do that using AWB, but I didn't get it working. I'll do that manually now. But I don't understand why I should include the old (now empty) categories into the new ones? They're empty and not even linked to.
I do not have the intention to fiddle with heavily used templates, accidentily break them, and let others undo my revision. That's why the real fiddling actually happens here User:Charel/Template:DescriptionCategoriesTest
Cheers, Charel (talk) 22:16, 20 April 2016 (UTC)