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Hi Eddy, I see that you try to use the Map Features template in your page Ro:Map Features. But I think that you misunderstood the template usage. Have a look on the french Map Features wiki pages to see how the template has to be used for translations.

Basically, you could importe the whole english template without translation in your Ro: version by doing this as a first step:

{{Map Features:highway}}

Then you can translation each text defined by a template variable in your template call. For instance, the first row in the template is about motorway:

| [[{{{highway:key|key:highway}}} | highway]]
| [[{{{motorway:value|Tag:highway=motorway}}} | motorway]]
| [[Image:Mf_way.png]] 
| {{{motorway:desc|A restricted access major divided highway, 

As you can see, there are several template variables embedded in {{{}}} curved brackets. So, in this example, we have "highway:key", "motorway:value" and "motorway:desc" as variables. When you include the template with no parameters, it will use the default values which are the texts in english. If you want to translate to your language, just assign a value to the variables when you call the template:

{{Map Features:highway
|motorway:desc=your translation of the description

If you work in this way, when people are adding or removing Map Features from the english templates, it is automatically added or removed from your translated wiki page. All you have to do is to add or remove the template variables used for the translations from time to time. As a first step, I would recommend to translation the *:desc descriptions. Then later, when you have also translated Key: pages or Tag: pages, you can also overwrite the links from the english pages to your translated wiki pages (for instance, the variables such as "key:highway") -- Pieren 12:28, 18 December 2008 (UTC)