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Hi ..

I am develop an application with some of my friends about OSM Maps . It finds shorter path between to places , and find nearest speacial place (like nearest pharmacy , restaurant ... etc) . and it's connected to Mobile Application . Our project built in Java , and we used JMapViewer in it .

we want to publish our project on OSM site , can we do that ... ??

-- User:Farah online88 15:40, 2 July 2010

Yes. You're welcome to create a page on the OpenStreetMap wiki here. Give your project a name (preferably something which doesn't get confused with other projects/tools) and then create a page here all about it. Add links to the project homepage. Detail whether it is open source and where the code is, or whether it is software you are selling. Upload an image or two showing screenshots or photos of it in use.

-- Harry Wood 11:01, 3 July 2010 (UTC)

thanks Mr.Harry ..
I see that projects on OSM are published by specific protocol like JMapViewer API..
Is there are specific conditions to publishing an project on OSM by this protocol ??
If there are , what are them ?
Our project is developed by students in the third year in IT faculty , Mabye it's not professinal like projects that are developed by expert programmers , but it sounds good :)
I hope We will be able to improve our project to be professinal like JMapViewer , so when we finished work on it , I will publish it here to get your advices to improve it ..
In the other wise , we want to connect mobile with our server by Internet to transport coordinate of user and the picture of map , but we don't have domain on web , so we need detention domain to build connection between mobile and our project , we use JSP to build this connection , can you help us with detention domain ?
if you can't , can you guide us to host side deals with JSP .

-- User:Farah online88 3 July 2010