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OSM User Activity in Florida

I've done some poking around using the OSM Mapper tool from ITO World to get a sense of the mapping activity going on in Florida.

There appear to be four main tiers of mappers in Florida.

  1. A very small number of very active mappers who contribute the majority of edits, i.e. > 5000 ways edited
  2. A small number of mappers that have edited say 50 to 500 ways.
  3. A larger number of mappers who have edited 1 to 20 ways.
  4. The largest number of people - they registered, but did not try editing anything.

From what I have read, this mirrors OSM editor behavior around the world. <insert references>

So, in order to really get the party started in Florida - we need to have a larger number of tier 1 and a much larger number of tier 2. Based on my own behavior, I am in tier 1, but I bounce around the state, and I tend to do basic street realignments. Although, if I get a wild hair, I'll add hydro, buildings, schools, etc. in a particular area I'm interested in. We need more people doing this type of work, but I think the people who add the real detail based on local knowledge tend to be in tier 2. We need a lot more of these people.