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Halloween games for kids

Of course you're carving a Jack-o-Lantern and taking the kids trick-or-treating, but what else do you plan to do to celebrate Halloween? We have a ton of Halloween ideas—games, crafts, activities and more fun!—to get you in the spooky spirit of the day!

Racing games for kids VS. Racing 2 Review

I am a big fan of Top-down arcade racers for it combines quick gameplay with simple controls and fast reflexes. VS. Racing 2 is a game of this kind and may be one of top racing games of this kind. If you are a great fan of top-down arcade racer, VS. Racing 2 is definitely a perfect racing game for kids that you cannot miss.

VS. Racing 2 is divided into three game modes: singe player, race a friend, and Local multiplayer which will offer you the best racing experience. A lengthy campaign mode spans 36 tracks, with plenty of unlockable, upgradeable cars to pick from. You can upgrade your car by collecting coins during races, which are dished out for wins and silky driving skills, such as dangerous overtakes or lengthy power slides.

And in Race a friend you can create a ghost race for your friends to race against and challenge your friend over the Internet these must be a nice alternative activity for you and your friends. You can also battle with up to 5 friends over Wi-Fi or 3 via Bluetooth. Local multiplayer offers an action based slice of fun with the addition of power-ups and weapons (such as Nitro, Oil-slicks and missiles) to add extra fun to proceedings. So what are you waiting for just get the app and enjoy it!