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Armchair mapping in Hawaii

Hi, Greetings from Sweden.

Are you still actively OSM mapping and, in particular, interested in Hawaii? I cannot at the moment match your wiki to OSM username. I'd like your comments and suggestions on three bullet points at the bottom of this message.

In 2009, you wrote the following on the Hawaii wiki page and it is still there! :

Mappers should refrain from mapping the islands that have not yet been reimported with NAD83-based data for the time being. These areas are easily recognized, because the roadways will be offset several hundred meters from the Yahoo satellite imagery and the PGS coastline data.

There are indeed still areas with huge offsets.

I want to produce a (semi-commercial) tourist map of the Hawaiian islands. I have done that elsewhere and "pay" for it with refinements that I can usefully make without a ground visit. But given the text on the project page, I am very hesitant to do so here without consulting folks such as yourself first. Don't want to mess things up for pending imports.

  • Work on geological features (I used to be a geophysicist). I will proceed with that any way.
  • Digitise in sand beaches where missing ... I find folks later come and name them, which is nice.
  • Work on the less visited/visitable islands such as Molaka'i and add tracks, landcover and some buildings where obvious in Bing imagery.
  • I also notice coastline needs work.

MikeCollinson (talk) 07:35, 22 March 2014 (UTC)